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Decrypting documents from a secure USB drive (blue)
Decrypting documents from a secure USB drive (blue)

Step-by-step guide on working with iDeals USB drives (datAshur PRO)

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Following the highest data security standards, iDeals offers hardware-encrypted USB drives with the data room contents.

To access data on such drives, you should enter a PIN on the USB drive's physical keypad. Each recipient of the USB drives will get their PIN and additional details via email.

ℹ️ The instructions below are for the blue USB drive, as shown in the picture.

Quick guidance on the article contents:

Unlocking USB drive

Follow these quick steps to unlock the USB drive and access the documents.

  • Press the key button once. Blue and red lights will blink together.

  • Start entering the PIN while the red and blue lights are still blinking.

  • Press the key button again and wait for the green light to indicate a successful PIN entry.

The green light remains on for 30 seconds only, and then the USB drive will be locked back. If the green light turns off, please repeat all steps from the beginning.

  • Connect the drive to a USB port while the green light is still on. It's ready to use once plugged in.

In case of an incorrect PIN entry, the red light alone will appear and fade out. If this happens, please repeat the previous steps from the beginning.

⚠️ These USB drives have automatic protection from hacking. If an incorrect PIN is entered 10 (ten) times in a row, it will be irreversibly erased, and data will become inaccessible.

To prevent permanent data loss, we recommend contacting the support team via chat or at after 5 (five) failed PIN entries.

Charging USB drive

USB drive has a rechargeable battery, which may discharge with time. If no light indicators work on your drive, plug it into a powered USB port. Usually, the drive is fully charged within an hour.

Locking USB drive

USB drive is automatically locked in 30 seconds after unlocking if it wasn't plugged into a USB port within this time.

To lock the USB drive immediately after unlocking, press and hold the key button for 3 seconds. Otherwise, it is automatically locked after 30 seconds.

A plugged-in USB drive is automatically locked after 30 minutes of inactivity. This helps to protect your data if a drive is accidentally left in a USB port. Also, it is automatically locked upon ejecting from a USB port.

ℹ️ Learn more about working with the project archive recorded on the USB drive.

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