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Corporate account: Billing
Corporate account: Billing

Review your subscription terms and billing details; check and download issued invoices, and pay the outstanding balance

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Corporate account can be accessed in the top-right corner under the user's name.

Corporate account administrators can access the subscription and payment information in the Billing tab.

In the Subscription details, you may find the terms of your agreement with iDeals, such as:

  • Type of the subscription plan (Pro, Business, Enterprise).

  • Initial fee that covers services under the subscription plan for the given period.

  • Period fixed in your contract under the initial fee.

  • Number of projects, administrators, users, and volume of storage included in the subscription.

In the info tips, you may find information about the costs that may be applied in case of exceeding the subscription terms.

Billing details include the legal company name, address, VAT, and the contact information of the signee or responsible person. These details are used for issuing invoices.

The Invoices table provides the list of invoices, including their number, date of issue, amount to be paid, and payment status. Here you can also download the invoice for your reference and pay any outstanding invoice.

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