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Copying and moving documents
Copying and moving documents

How to move and copy documents using the actions menu or hotkeys

Updated over a week ago

Using an older version of VDR? This article covers features and functionality for the latest version of our VDR. If you're using an older version, please refer to Copying and moving files/folders [old VDR] for relevant information.

Copying and moving actions are available to project administrators and users with Manage permission.

Copying documents

Documents can be copied within a project or to another project if there are any.

Copying within project

To copy selected documents, either:

  • Click Copy in the context menu and select where to copy.

  • Use hotkeys:

    • Ctrl+C on Windows or Command+C on macOS to copy items.

    • Ctrl+V on Windows or Command+V on macOS to paste items into the target location.

Copying to another project

💡 This feature is available with Business or Enterprise subscriptions.

To copy documents to another project:

  • Select documents.

  • Click Copy in the context menu or on the top panel.

  • Select project in the dropdown and destination folder in it.

  • Click Copy.

By default, copied items will be hidden in the destination project. If you'd like the documents to be shared with the same level of access as the destination folder, select Inherit in the permissions dropdown.

⚠️ Copying action will be logged in both projects' reports.

If the file was redacted, it will also be copied to another project in its redacted version.

The list of copied items can be expanded in the result window. Go to folder button redirects you to the destination folder.

ℹ️ This feature is available only to project administrators if:

  • They are administrators of both source and destination projects.

  • Both source and destination projects are in the same storage location.

Cancelling the copy to another project process

Admins can cancel the process once confirmed. Simply click the cross icon in the progress window and the action will be cancelled from that point onwards.

💡 Already copied items will remain in the destination project.

Moving files and folders

Moving documents around the project can be done in a few ways:

  • Drag and drop selected items into the target location.

  • Click Move in the context menu.

  • Use hotkeys:

    • Ctrl+X on Windows or Command+X on macOS to cut items from original location.

    • Ctrl+V on Windows or Command+V on macOS to paste items into the target location.

💡 If automatic indexing is enabled, moved items will be assigned a new subsequent index.

Permissions on copied and moved items

If the permissions of the moved/copied items are different from the permissions of the destination folder, administrators can decide what to do with their permissions:

  • No access: documents are hidden.

  • Keep current: retain existing permission levels.

  • Inherit: set permissions of a destination folder.

When non-admin users move or copy documents, the permissions are automatically inherited from the destination folder. Learn more about permissions inheriting.

💡 In the Copy/Move modal, you can also create a new empty folder in the destination. It will inherit permissions of the parent folder by default.

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