Uploading documents

How to upload files and folders to your project

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Your entire project structure can be managed from the Documents tab.

Uploading files and folders

Our document upload process provides participants with an efficient and intuitive experience.

To upload files and folders, participants can take any of the following actions:

  • Drag and drop the files on the empty page or directly to any present document tree – as the structure unfolds, decide which folder you want to upload to.

  • Click the New button and select to upload either Files or Folder.

  • If the project is empty, you can use the Upload button within the empty state.

Once you have selected your files or folder, participants can:

  • Track the progress of each file with individual loading bars.

  • Easily add files to the queue even during an active upload process by clicking the Add more button and choosing the relevant option, either Files or Folder.

Key information regarding uploading files and folders

  • Upload progress is calculated in MB and seconds/minutes.

  • To continue work while the system uploads the documents, minimize the pop-up.

  • In the case of uploading errors, export the list into an Excel file to gain greater insight into any issues.

File types

After uploading is finished, all the following file types are converted to the encrypted PDF for secure viewing by participants.

There is no limit to the size and number of the files you upload.

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