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Corporate account: Settings
Corporate account: Settings

Define default settings for all projects created under your corporate account

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Corporate account can be accessed in the top-right corner under the user's name.

You can configure default settings for all newly created projects under your corporate account in the Settings tab. You no longer need to manually set up each new project to align with the company's branding or security policies – pre-defined settings will be automatically applied to each new project, regardless of who created it.

ℹ️ Settings change is available with the Enterprise subscription only.


In the general settings, you can define:

  • Support access: authorize iDeals team to access your projects for assistance purposes. Disabled by default.

  • Storage locations: select allowed locations that will be available during new project creation under your corporate account. All locations are available by default.


In the branding settings, you can:

  • Upload logo and login page background.

  • Set a theme color.

ℹ️ We keep working on adding more features that can be pre-set on the corporate account level for all its projects: watermarks, labels, terms of use, and many more.


In this tab, you can add document labels:

  • Group: used to categorize label values by groups.

  • Type for the label groups:

    • Single: allows assigning a single label within one label group.

    • Multiple: allows assigning multiple label values created within one label group.

  • Value: label name listed in the corresponding label group.


You can adjust the following watermark settings:

  • Actions with documents when the watermark should be displayed.

  • The appearance of the watermark: color, opacity, and position.

  • User details which should be included in the watermark when they access documents. You can also add any custom text in addition or instead of default options.


In security settings, you can set:

  • 2-step verification: require all users to verify their identity with the second factor before entering the project.

  • Email verification: require users to enter a one-time code sent to their email to confirm they have access to it. When enabled, you can also add exceptions as trusted emails and domains that should not be asked for email verification.

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