Creating a new project

How to open new projects and create them within an existing corporate account or a new one

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Users can see all projects in which they participate on the All projects page.

From here, users can click Create new project to begin opening a new project. This option is also available on the left menu.

While creating a new project, it is possible to choose between two options:

  • Create a new project from existing corporate account.

  • Create a new project from a new corporate account.

💡 Only corporate account participants can create projects within existing corporate accounts. Otherwise, there is only one option – create a new corporate account.

New project within an existing corporate account

In this case, a new project will be linked to the chosen corporate account and listed in the Projects tab under your corporate account.

Users will find the following fields from which to select the correct options to open the project:

  • Corporate account: select the appropriate account.

  • Name: enter the new project name, enabling collaborators to identify the project.

  • Type: identify what type of project this is from the list.

  • Storage location: choose from one of the available locations.

  • Administrators: input administrators' email addresses to invite them to a new project.

💡 By default, the user who creates the project is added to the list of administrators, but you can remove yourself if needed and add anyone else instead. To invite more than one administrator, use a comma, space, or enter to separate their emails.

Creating a new corporate account

If you want to create a project under a new contract, choose Create a new corporate account.

Your new corporate account will be in Trial status until a contract is signed. iDeals account manager will reach out to you to discuss further details of the new subscription.

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